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Racing Season

So, it seems racing season has come to an end. I had vague ideas of doing the SeaCoast Century and showing the Tufts 10k what for, but I signed up too late for the former and a concert at Carnegie totally trumps the latter.

How's it been? It's been glorious. All in all, I completed four sprint triathlons and five road races. I got progressively faster throughout the summer and ended with a really satisfying fast time for the Twist & Shout 4.2 miler. I did NOT also do 100mi bike ride (but that was a little ambitious) and I did NOT do an Olympic length tri on my birthday. I had a busy summer and I think I wisely assessed my preparedness and opted for the sprint tri instead.

How do I feel? Well, in numbers I'm just the same. I haven't lost an ounce (in fact since my vacation, I'm up a few pounds). Then again, as I mentioned, I'm faster and I certainly feel I accomplished a lot. Just the idea that 4 mi seems almost reasonable is a huge leap!

What next? Well, I'm gonna have to switch over into winter mode. I've just renewed my membership at the gym so I have the option of doing weights or other some such. I still feel for my own health I should watch what I eat more carefully (not calories, but quality). And then next year? Next year I want to train for one race, an olympic length tri: 1mi swim, 25 mi bike, 10k run. After a summer like this one, I'm pretty confident I can do it!
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