phoenix (amber_phoenix) wrote in sturdybitches,

it's looking possible

after a mildly flubbed attempt last friday, i did actually complete a 5k run this morning. (yay!) yesterday, under the influence of my spiffy cool neighbors, i also managed to complete biking >20km (albeit it somewhat casually) followed by running a mile (albeit slowly). i still have to get out and do an open water swim, but i am now confident that i *can* finish the sprint distance tri in november. (whew!) this leaves the next month for getting more in shape in the hopes of finishing without stumbling the last two miles and for figuring out logistics.

speaking of logistics - i'm going to decide about a wetsuit after doing a test swim in the bay and will either borrow or rent one if i decide i need to. i'm pretty sure i can borrow a road bike with toe clips, meaning both "yay! road bike!" and that i can wear my running shows for the bike and the run. but i do have a question for those who have done this sort of thing before - what should i wear? should i get a tri suit that works for all three legs? pull on bike shorts over a swimsuit? do i need a hat and/or sunglasses? etc. etc.
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