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Body and Mind

This fall I've fallen off the exercise bandwagon. My weight is creeping up to the near side of 150 and I've never been demonstrably over that. (That is, when I reach 150lbs I always stop checking my weight until I'm reasonably sure it's back under.)* I know I'm eating poorly. It's baking season, so I'm spending more time cooking pies and cobblers than yummy chickpea dishes. Lately, my clothes don't fit quite as well.** I also have no exercise goals, so there's nothing to get me out there. Running has never been fun for me, it's only ever been the most efficient way to send my heart rate through the roof, and in another month or so it will get wet and cold and even less fun.

So, I need some encouragement here. Does anyone have ideas for how to make this fun? What goal should I have for winter exercising? What other exercise should I try? What is a good indoor option for when the weather gets truly gross?

*Use of actual numbers in no way implies that that number is right or wrong for anyone else. Body weight depends so much on height, shape, frame, genes, etc, that I make no implications for anyone but myself.

** I always enjoy the centrifugal theory of fitness. When at rest, my body mass moves to the center. When in motion, my body mass migrates radially.
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