phoenix (amber_phoenix) wrote in sturdybitches,

what's next

so i didn't get everything i dreamed out of the triathlon sunday - it didn't have the swim portion (due to oil in the bay) and i walked parts of the run - but i did learn a lot and i *finished*, and finishing was grand. because it wasn't really a full sprint tri, i'm going to go for doing one again, running the run and swimming the swim, before setting my sights on an olympic. the current plan is to do this one with rednikki next may. if a different one crops up nearby earlier than that, i may do it too. oh, and there will be bay to breakers later next may as well. the challenge now will be to keep training with my next big goal six months out.

logistically, i need to figure out:

- how/when to swim when longueur or someone else can wrangle the babe.
(first thing to try is the temescal pool at 6:30 in the morning. the more tempting and flexible, but expensive thing, is the ymca during child care hours.)

- how to run and bike with the babe so i'm not constrained by the other-people-babe-wrangling schedule. (in other words i should acquire a jog stroller and bike seat or trailer. i should first borrow such things so i can see if he'll put up with them.)

motivationally, i'd like to figure out how to do *something* 4 or 5 days per week. right now i generally make 3 days in a good week.

ideally, i'd like to develop a habit of at least two runs, two swims, and one bike per week. i don't think i can realistically expect more than that, but less than that won't be training to the level i'd like. some yoga would be nice too.


i did got out running this morning. that's something.
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