Spiderbabe (arachne8x) wrote in sturdybitches,

Mistressing the pushup and easing into workouts

I am starting again to hear the comeback music as I begin my new workout routine.

A little background: I have been dancing since I was four, done martial arts, boxing, and almost every type of aerobics there is.  I used to be a hard core gym girl with spinning classes and machines.  I have been dealing with chronic pelvic pain since October 2006, had surgery Dec 2007, things started to get a bit better with medicine regimen, and I had enough good days to start exotic dance classes in March 2007.  Exotic dance is good because it kept me mobile but wasn't really really hard.  Now I am starting to get some real progress with moving to a pain free life and I'm trying to get in shape for Jazz and Flamenco classes. 

My current regime:
I'm taking a break from the gym which isn't very motivating right now.  Also I'm out of a job and my gym is expensive.  So I'm doing a Jazz class once a week on Tuesdays, and borrowing The Firm DVDs and box from a friend.  I am going to alternate days of the longer Firm videos (weights and cardio intervals) and the shorter cardio weights tapes (they are slightly different in format.  I am also trying to take some days off because I have a tendency to push myself too far too fast and get injured.  I am also doing a program to get to the point where I have "mistressed" (stumptuous.com term) the pushup.  I am right now doing them with my hands on the 14" firm box, legs fully extended.  When I can easily pull out 3 sets of 5 on that, I will move to the 6" box, and then the ground eventually.  I am doing this instead of modified "girl" pushups, because it engages the core and stabilizing muscles I will need when I'm ready to do "real" pushups.
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