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Memeing Lizards! (Health)

Here's a health meme from veekand alt-fridays. What do you do to maintain your health?

1. What do you do to maintain or improve your physical fitness?

Right now? I bike to work (though that's a short 15 minute bike) and I sign up for races which theoretically motivates me to work out. Right now I have been doing one workout a week of each of biking, running, and swimming. I also take daily vitamins to keep my immune system healthy.

2. What do you do to maintain or improve your mental fitness (e.g puzzles, reading challenging books, etc.)?

Oh, I couldn't stop reading if I tried (or at least it would be no fun!) I read all sorts of materials including political non-fiction, sci-fi, classic fiction, etc. The most challenging thing I do lately is music where I am constantly juggling memorization with performance and live feedback from the orchestra, my surrounding singers, my body, etc. It keeps my brain all springy! I also enjoy strategy games, though I really only get to test my brain that way about twice a month.

3. What do you do to maintain or improve your emotional fitness (e.g. get enough sleep, meditate, take supplements or medication)?
I try (and mostly fail) to get enough sleep. I have a predicament since music makes me happy but also cuts in on sleep! I try to get outside every day at least for a short walk, so I can soak up some energy. I interact with people to feel all connected. I also make sure to get lots of affection (from my beau and from my cats).

4. What things would you like to be doing to maintain or improve your physical, mental, or emotional fitness, but aren't? Why aren't you doing them?
I should be eating better (eating both less quantity and more fresh fruit and veggies). I find this difficult given my schedule (running straight from work to Symphony Hall and grabbing a soup at AbP) and given the abysmal flavor of grocery store vegetables in the NorthEast in winter/spring, but one way or another those problems can be resolved. I also should be exercising more, but I usually choose sleep (to make at least 7hrs a night) over getting up an hour early to exercise. It's a balance.

5. What things have you tried to do to to maintain or improve your physical, mental, or emotional fitness, but that didn't work? Why didn't they work?
Paying for a gym membership does not make me go.
Getting into a exercise "routine" without a goal does not happen.
Trying to control food intake is much more difficult with purchased food than homemade.
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