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When I'm Good I'm Very Very Good, and When I'm Bad I'm Horrid

First of all, huzzahs to amber_phoenix for her great performance in the triathlon! Huzzah!

I'm dropping this entry here because, while not about exercise, it's about health, and I think the two are intertwined. I just had my annual doctor's appointment and was, while not scolded, gently encouraged to be healthier. My own internal scolding was enough.

I've slacked for a month (or two?) in terms of exercise. I'm creeping up to my high weight, though my doctor was kind enough to round to the half pound instead of rounding up. With the time change leading to darkened streets, I've stopped biking to work. This appointment also gave me one more reason to be healthier: turns out I have a mild condition* that means I really should try out a low-glycemic diet. I didn't tell my doctor this, but um yesterday I ate the following: french toast with blackberry compote, sweetened coffee and a blueberry muffin, a crepe of strawberries, lemon juice and sugar, ravioli with nothing but butter for dinner, and a tiny glass of amaretto for dessert.

Good god! When I'm bad, I'm horrid! I mean, that was not a normal day, and I went out with friends for breakfast, lunch, and tea, ordering more and worse stuff than usual, but really... I should make sure my bad days are a little better than THAT!

Sigh. So here I am, with renewed resolve. I am resolved. Resolved! Forgive us our lapses of exercise, and give us the strength to go out in the cold hoar of morning, strapping down our various parts, to complete a run of moderate distance. And lead us not into the temptation of the Dunkin' Donuts coffee, which as thou knowest is fraught with evil tastiness, but deliver us towards great strength and tone of muscle. Amen!

*TMI filter: The "condition" I refer to above is a mild form of insulin-resistant PCOS, just in case any of y'all girls have advice on that quarter.
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